Keep it in the lines

I am accosted at every turn by adult coloring books (not that kind…), that promise a few minutes of relaxation and even “mindfulness.” The idea being that we can lose our cares and worries by filling in frustratingly small areas in ridiculously complex patterns, and finish with refrigerator-worthy artwork just like when we were seven.

I think it is filling in the mental space that used to be occupied by handwriting.

I am a person that likes to doodle while listening to something, like a lecture, radio show, or a long piece of music. I always felt like I could hear it better if my hands were busy. Looking at these “works” later, I can barely discerned any pattern or shape. So as long as it doesn’t need to make sense, there may be a useful activity here.

But if I know my countrymen, it will become competitive somehow, complete with reality versions and cash prizes. The last generation to write stuff down also invented Survivor.

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6 Responses to Keep it in the lines

  1. Refrigerator door? They post them on Facebook for their “friends” and family to admire! (At least, my nieces and nephews in their 20’s and 30’s do that).

  2. kimkiminy says:

    I have a couple, and they are enjoyable. I’m working on a four-page-wide set from the Lost Ocean book. When it’s done, I’ll get it framed and put it in the bathroom.

  3. I tried it over the holidays but those tiny little lines and spaces make my eyes glaze over. Anyway, I enjoy drawing and doodling, but not coloring someone else’s printed picture. It just feels too much like killing time, or something the nurses are going to give me to do when I’m in a nursing home. (And I’ll probably be too far gone to pick up a marker or crayon.) I did have fun however coloring a Biblical coloring book my kids brought home from Sunday school one brutally cold winter day. I made Jesus and his disciples look like hippies in technicolor paisley clothing.

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