Can anyone remember

When if the phone rang in your house you simply answered it? There it was, securely bolted to the wall, and you walked over to it and then stood there while you talked. This would cut way down on the rambling conversations about nothing.

I got two calls today that I screened, because you must screen all calls now, that showed my own number on the caller id. Someone from card services wants to talk to me about my credit limit. So thoughtful to call me at home to take care of it.

I’ve heard of a lot of these scams, but the reflection on caller id was a new wrinkle.

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3 Responses to Can anyone remember

  1. Last month I was called, twice, from a gentleman asking if I had called him. I said no—my phone had been shut off because I was at work—but he claimed that my number was on his caller ID. Apparently some scammer has figured out how to mask his/her own calls using my number. I suppose the person who was called can simply block my number, but what if by sheer coincidence I need to call him? The new age of phones (does anyone use the word “telephone” anymore? or is that too quaint?) is a complicated one.

  2. I’ve had my own name and number show up on caller id before. The first time it kind of freaked me out.

  3. kimkiminy says:

    Yup, and I also remember when we got our first answering machine. Had to re-train ourselves to not answer the phone during dinnertime.

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