It’s a long time until September

Just because you talk a lot doesn’t make you right.

Just because I don’t answer doesn’t mean I agree.

You don’t get to choose for me.


Not because you’re taller or better looking. Not because you know how to make cameras look at you. Not because you’re a household name. Not because your family has lived here (or anywhere) for a long time. Not because you have money, or know people.


You don’t get to define the terms.

You don’t get to frame the debate.

You don’t get to pivot away from my questions.

You don’t get to put your words in my mouth.
Answer the question. Act like a grownup.

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2 Responses to It’s a long time until September

  1. I am very curious about who this is directed at. I’m guessing it’s a local person rather than someone in the national spotlight?

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