What a crisis is and isn’t

There are a few components to a crisis, like lack of available time and important consequences to follow. Also, we feel moments of crisis most keenly when we are least equipped to do so, such as when mad or terrified. The situation is dire, the need for decision immediate, and our thoughts are compromised.

We admire those that seem to react positively when dealing with an emergency and call it grace under fire. This combination of experience and insight is hard to observe or explain. Often the particular person just felt suddenly calm and decided to try something.

What isn’t a crisis? A narcissistic carnival barker inviting millions of people to panic with him. The sense that everything is terrible because it isn’t like it was. These are not crises… In these cases have plenty of time to decide, plenty of information about the situation, and no external need to feel angry or afraid.

“The problem is all inside your head she said to me,
The answer is easy if you take it logically.”

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  1. LG says:

    Thanks, this is one post I need to pin inside my head.

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