Mirror photo challenge

Chicago’s famous Cloud Gate. Also called “The Bean.”

It’s unusual to be able to photograph it without gaggles of touristas doing the same as this yahoo in the yellow jacket, but we happened upon it on a day when there was lightning in the area. Security guys shooed us all back until the weather passed.

Read about it here.

Daily Photo Challenge


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4 Responses to Mirror photo challenge

  1. julial213 says:

    Love the bean. I couldn’t find my picture of it. I was there for a library conference but it wasn’t in that file. I’m sure I’ll come across it at some point and use it for another challenge. Have a great day.

  2. I hadn’t thought of the Bean as being a hazard during a lightning storm, but I love the kind of photo opportunities it affords. I didn’t try doing a mirror selfie on the sculpture, though. I tried to take a picture of the entire sculpture, which was dumb in retrospect. It looks like a giant chrome-plated kidney bean unless you can get something interesting in the reflection.

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