Daily Prompt: Maddening

Maddening? Hardware, especially ten-year-old hardware.You call the tech gurus because sometimes you just can’t see a way forward. You have a broken computer. Not only will they not have seen its type before, they won’t be able to find parts for it even if they have. Sorry, it’s no longer supported. As if the entire planet refreshes its computer hardware every couple of years.

My recent experience began with a failing hard drive in a machine tool. We deliberately don’t mess with these because the process of updating (hardware or software) is just as likely to stop production as it is to make new features available. It’s about 50/50. The tech we obtained had never seen anything older than Windows 7. He didn’t know how to install an IDE hard drive. Didn’t know what dip switches are for. Didn’t know much at all.

We fought to recover data from the original drive and lost. We fought to install the operating works on a new drive and lost. We ended by purchasing a new computer at a whopping huge price, because production tools demand a premium from everyone that touches them. A PC that would cost around $1200 as a desktop unit goes for about $9000 when installed into a machine tool. I’m guessing the company shelled out $10,000 to $15,000 for a single repair job all total. Maddening? No kidding.


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