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I made this basket a few weeks ago in a class my wife made me go to. It was fun, although a bit of a hen party. I use it to store odd bits of percussion.

via Daily Prompt: Craft

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6 Responses to Arts and crafts

  1. kimkiminy says:

    Cool. My mom once took a basket-weaving class, and still has them all.

  2. shythom says:

    So long as it is relaxing, too. I once tried doing pottery. I enjoyed it – but in the end, it wasn’t relaxing. Same with cake decorating. I have yet to find a hobby that is just relaxing – aside from hiking (which is more like a healthy lifestyle choice), soaking in a tub white drinking red wine, and of course, reading.

    • Doug says:

      I guess it’s possible to be relaxing and challenging also? Playing music is relaxing for me, but also seems to require attention and practice, which can be exhausting. Also a fan of wine.

      • shythom says:

        Challenging and relaxing… You’re asking me to multi-task. 🙂 Yeah, I can’t do that. But kudos to you for doing new things – and the basket looks really good!

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