How long have I got, Doc?

First there’s this sort of pain in my eyeballs. It’s like I slept with my eyes open down wind from the Sriracha plant. It’s almost like its boring inward. Like into the back side of the eyeball. And then it sort of sweeps upward, like, into my brain. In there it feels like little barbed-wire cobwebs being electrified on opposite side of my head. And you can feel the heartbeat in it. Like boomba boomba boomba.

And then my chest feels like it has a metaphor in it. It’s a kind of wheezing that sits right in the center of my chest that sounds like cats being drowned very quietly. From there it sort of radiates outward through the rest of my chest. First the wheezing, then, the signal fires are lit! The wheezing gets transmitted by fire messenger all the way around to my back. The muscles there are getting very tight from the burning and coughing, clenching tighter and tighter like I’m being consumed by an constrictor.

Other than that I’m ok.

via Daily Prompt: Symptom

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