If you can deny sufficiently, life is good

If I can make my own reality, then denial is a natural consequence.

I don’t have to worry about the fate of the world’s poor, or the health of the planet, even though I use 50 times more air, water, food, and shelter than the masses. All I must do is say “It’s ok to have nice things,” and that takes care of it. Simple.

I don’t need to worry myself about the erosion of private life, or being set upon by predatory corporate interests. They are entitled to make a little profit, and since I’m not doing anything illegal, there’s nothing for me to worry about anyway.

I don’t need to concern myself if my country’s democratic processes have turned into mob rule. Democracy is messy, if you don’t like it you can go back wherever you came from.

It’s none of my business if the state routinely attacks persons of color, they’re all rapists and drug dealers anyway.

Gosh, it’s true. For every problem there really is a solution.

via Daily Prompt: Denial

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