The stuff we keep

So many things.

I’ve been looking around my house with an eye toward emptying it. Maybe its part of a New Year’s resolution, destined to end in disappointment. Maybe, like the Swedes, I look at all this and think “If I’m gone who will want it?” Maybe, like that cute little Japanese woman, I should only keep the things that make me happy. Maybe I should realize that other people would be happier with my things than I am.

There are many sorting algorithms. Mine, at least in this moment, is wondering what to keep if  I was living in a 12 x 12 garden shed. Can we find room for the piano? Should we really store all these boxes of photos? Do I need almost an entire other kitchen in my basement? Why do I have so many books?

So this year I want to get rid of a lot of stuff. I don’t want to put it back on the shelf, I want to donate it. I want to find someone to give it to. Maybe sell it? (In a few cases, but mostly not.) Trash is the last resort, but to the trash we are all headed, so some of it will end in a landfill. I’ll try to make those interesting for the alien archaeologists of the future, trying to figure out what happened to this planet.

I wish I had been less of a keeper, and more of a giver.

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3 Responses to The stuff we keep

  1. shythom says:

    Good to get rid of things you don’t need. I personally would like to ‘minimize’ my life a bit. It takes time though – that’s my challenge. And I am the only person in my house who does not like clutter. I live with two who like to keep everything. Last year when I was on a de-clutter phase, I watched my husband take this miniature unicorn of which neither of us have any idea where it came from, and when I asked him what he wanted to do with it, he just moved it from one shelf to another. THAT IS NOT DE-CLUTTERING! Just sayin’…

    • Doug says:

      I think the trick is to stop looking for ways to store it. Clutter mostly happens when your containers are full, and thus a signal to unload.

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