Why do we live where we live?

It’s not a conversation that comes up very often. I’m pretty sure that it only relatively recent history that made a change of venue optional. For most of history, I’m sure, it had more to do with seasons and crops, lords and ladies, wealth and poverty, and a general lack of viable transportation. Even now, jobs rule it all.

I started thinking about it when my daughter asked “Why do we live where the air makes my face hurt?” Which is a fair question.

Faced with the prospect of not working any more in a few years, or perhaps more accurately not being able to work any more, I wonder where shall we go? If there weren’t limits where would you live? Tahiti? Uzbekistan? Argentina? Nepal? Ok, seriously, how would you decide?

I feel limited to North America. The cost of moving international is really high, and I lack language skills. Mexico is really appealing for many Americans, because of the warm climate and the favorable monetary rates. But for me that is not so good.

So how to decide?

I made some maps. Hurricane strikes, Tornado activity, Seismic events, General climate, Cost of Living, Red States vs Blue States (hint: lean purple), and so on. I’ve identified a few areas in the continental US to explore.

People decide different ways. For my wife the biggest requirement is trees. Lots of trees.

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