Snow throwing is a process

Every day this week:

Put on coat, hat, boots, face covering, scarf, gloves.

Shovel you way down the front steps.

Start the snow blower in the garage, adjusting the choke for the temperature.

Blow your way out of the garage and up to the back door.

Blow your way out to the street, making a double pass at each side of the driveway.

Go back and forth across the driveway, so most of the snow lands in the front yard.

Blow your way around each vehicle.

Go diagonally across the neighbor’s section of drive to put that snow in the front yard.

Blow your way up the side walk to the front door.

Blow your way down the side of the house back to the garage.

Come back inside and put gloves, scarf, face covering, hat, and coat in the clothes dryer.

Shower and get ready for work.

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One Response to Snow throwing is a process

  1. I DO often think about how lucky I am not to have to do this, even while I’m complaining about the cold and the wind.

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