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About those photos

I’ve been scanning a lot of our old photos to put them into digital format and store them. It’s rather tedious, but not something that I need to concentrate on, so I often do it while watching tv or YouTube … Continue reading

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Snow throwing is a process

Every day this week: Put on coat, hat, boots, face covering, scarf, gloves. Shovel you way down the front steps. Start the snow blower in the garage, adjusting the choke for the temperature. Blow your way out of the garage … Continue reading

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That’s my favorite show

Cute couple fixes crappy old house by ripping out everything and bringing in all new stuff. Celebrity chefs take turns making food. Amateur chefs take turns making food. Celebrity amateur chef feeds her quirky friends. Quirky characters interact with their … Continue reading

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Never mind the name of the blog

Guess which state I live in: Found it at Digg

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Why do we live where we live?

It’s not a conversation that comes up very often. I’m pretty sure that it only relatively recent history that made a change of venue optional. For most of history, I’m sure, it had more to do with seasons and crops, … Continue reading

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The stuff we keep

So many things. I’ve been looking around my house with an eye toward emptying it. Maybe its part of a New Year’s resolution, destined to end in disappointment. Maybe, like the Swedes, I look at all this and think “If … Continue reading

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Uniform of the day

Sometimes you can tell exactly what a person is doing simply by looking at their clothing. Today’s example: fur hat, bomber jacket, snow boots, pajama pants. Time to walk the dog.

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