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The worst portal into another dimension

Not every portal into another space/time is going to have an epic vista. Some will have a view you’d rather not see: T-Rex’s litter box Dracula’s bat boy Beethoven’s last movement My Little Tarantula The Straights of San Francisco Nancy … Continue reading

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We really don’t want to hear it

I’m really very sorry to be eavesdropping on your conversation. I try to pretend that I’m not privy to your opinions and salacious musings, but I really can’t help it. When you talk in public on your cell phone what … Continue reading

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The trouble with mirrors

I’m not at all sure that mirrors are benign. I think that the objective reality they appear to represent probably doesn’t actually exist. It’s a mind trap. There is plenty of literary precedent. Mirrors have long been portrayed as tools … Continue reading

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Shelob’s Amazing White House

There is a huge, fat spider pulling the strings of the world. The web of billionaires connects from one to the next without regard to nation or faith. They have no need of such trifles, as the weak ineffective constraints … Continue reading

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How to pill your cat

I know this isn’t supposed to be funny…

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A meditation for our time

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We used to have time to learn

I work in an industry that used to have apprentices. Though sometimes they weren’t formally identified as such, they nevertheless had a time period of relatively low responsibility in which to acquire skills and ask hundreds, even thousands of questions. … Continue reading

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